iPhone 5 Release Still Mystery

Apple is introducing its next generation iPhone 5 hand set on October 7th, in United States. This is according to report issued by Apple news site 9 to 5 MAC. The IPHONE is passing through its final forth
position. It is ready to move in September to meet its expected launch date of October.

iPhone 5 Pic

iPhone 5






The company has not officially admitted that new iPhone hand set is in work so it is difficult to say whether it is correct or not. However 9 to 5 Mac has been right to general talk on Apple related issues. The report demands that pre orders for iPhone 5 Pics will be started in September 30th and handsets will be hoard on October 7th.The time period mentioned above means that Apple have some form of launch event for next iPhone in early September.

Apple iPhone Release

Apple iPhone Release










The set free and shipment dates are not the only bewilder surrounding the iPhone 5.What the hand set will bring new, no one is quite sure. Dual core A5 processor will received on iPhone 5. Some believers said that rear camera will be advanced, having 8 mp lens and with LED flash.

iPhone Shipments Graph

iPhone Shipment









Unluckily iPhone will be with next generation with LTE radio inside.LTE radio inside means that its3G internet speed will be same as iPhone 4. Some thinkers said that Apple will released at laest one new iPhone in this fall. In this event our all iPhone related questions will be answered, but until then please wait.

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